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In business since 2009, today Tire Express and Road Service is a professional roadside assistance company that is always there when you need timely and reliable help. Below you can read more details about the range of our services in Seguin, TX.

Tire Express

Roadside Assistance

We can assist with general tire services, lockouts, headlight and taillight repairs, fuel deliveries, and more.

Auto Lockouts

Locking yourself out is always annoying and extremely difficult to prevent. So, whenever it happens, get our number on speed dial, and we will be with you shortly to perform a meticulous auto lockout that will leave no scratches to the door or glass of your vehicle.

Tire Services

Blowing a tire while en route is a classic. An annoying classic. And since we are not all born with the skillset of professional tire experts, it is always better to call a reliable company for the service. We do more than tire changes alone. Anything tire-related you need, we can provide!

Headlight and Taillight Repairs

Most drivers know when their headlights burn out. But what about all the other vitally important lights you need in order to drive safely? Do you know where they are and how to replace them? Do not worry. You do not have to because we are here. We will come on-site, inspect the lights, check whether it is a burnt out light bulb or a wiring problem, and handle it in the most time-efficient way possible.

Fuel Deliveries

Running out of fuel midway home is inconvenient but not unfixable. If there is no gas station to be seen, call Tire Express and Road Service, and we will bring you the fuel you need.

If you are curious to learn more about our availability, terms, and rates, please do not hesitate to contact our staff by calling (210) 548-7231 with your questions. Do not let the fact that the base of our operations is in Seguin, TX influence you because we have clients from nearby areas as well. Contact us when you need us!

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